Are we fast losing our rationality and sanity?

It seems so. We are passing through a strange phase of civilization. Perhaps it is proven now that sanity and rationality can be tampered by political marketing strategies. It sounds strange, but is a fact now. We see a clear polarization across. The political situations are such that people actually do hardly have options. And, therefore, while analysing any situation, what comes to our mind first is about lack of alternative.

I encountered an apt incidence supporting this in Facebook today. In many discussions among our friends, I have seen that people do tag you with some or the other political cult. If you oppose any incidence that curtail freedom of certain community, you are tagged as supporter of that community. You do cease to exist as a human being. Either you are tagged as pro-hindu or pro-muslim or pro-communist or pro-capitalist etc. If you suggest that demonetization would fail to extract black money because of its inbuilt weakness as a strategy, you are tagged as communist etc. If you say that surgical strike is just a show off without any impact, you are tagged as pro-Pakistan. If you condemn the killing of innocent pilgrims on way to Amarnath, you are tagged as pro-Hindu.

It is so strange how people are reacting to every situation from an extremely narrow perspective. It is not known that whether this is from some false sense of insecurity. Today’s incidence that drove me to write this was primarily a comment on one of the posts. A friend of mine posted condemning the killing of Amarnath pilgrims. It is such a sad incidence that there are comments sympathizing families who lost their dear ones during the incidence. It is an incidence which is equally sad for every one irrespective of community they belong to. No sane person can defend this from any angle. Amongst comments, I saw one comment which says that why this is being highlighted when pilgrims of a certain faith are killed by terrorists of another faith. We do not highlight when the innocent people of that faith are killed by people of some other faith without any provocation. May be a valid question. But, what struck me was that this person was sensible and logical; yet she equated condemning terrorist activity with condemning terrorists from a particular community. None of the comments had any mention about any community or anything related to the same. But still somehow the reaction was on a different note.

This suggests that we have entered into an era, when people do not think from a neutral and rational perspective. People have started looking at things either in favour or against of their individual self or community. And, largely the difference between an individual’s own existence and his/her existence as part of a community, has been marginalized to a large extent. Therefore, the sanity and rationality in the thought process is lost somewhere in this confusing state. Nation building depends on rational thought process from the mass. The reason being that the mis-deeds of the mightier in political realm can only be controlled by the mass. Polarization is always good for politicians as most of the time they tend to obtain their short term individual goals, instead of long term well being of the mass. Once the mass is polarized, politicians’ accountability is curtailed to a larger extent since they would have blind support. So it is time that we start behaving in a sane and rational manner. Looking at things with clarity and without bias is critical. Consider ourselves as human first before being part of any community. Perhaps that will ensure a better world to live in, at least for our next generation.


One thought on “Are we fast losing our rationality and sanity?

  1. Insensibly sensible, that’s what we are. When we feel the pinch, we cry out foul. Infact, we have forgotten to be human beings. We are sorts of robots or puppets handled by unscrupulous politicians or some influential persons of a particular community. You have talked about nation building. How many of us care about what a nation is? If we do not have any idea about nation, how will we develop the spirit of nationalism; which is the main ingredient for building a nation?
    We have very well developed the habit of criticizing others without actually analyzing what we are doing or, can do. From micro level to the macro level the situation is the same. If you speak against the establishment, you are branded anti-national. If you speak in support of something or someone, you are a sycophant. So what should our attitude be in this case? Empowerment? Awareness? Sorry, the terms sound quite savvy, but their practicality has no real bearing upon us. By “us” I mean the mob or the frenzied citizens of my country who are misled by some political, social, religious “guru”.
    How can we claim sanity among insane people? How can we proclaim that we are a nation when pluralist ideologies driven by centrifugal forces occupy centrestage? One nation one tax…why not one nation with equal rights?

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